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Problems in light truck forged aluminum wheel cost production
2021-09-08 15:54:25

 At present, the mainstream forming process of aluminum hub can be divided into forging and casting. Under the same conditions, the mechanical performance index of forged hub is better than that of cast hub, and the forged hub made of 6061 material is better than that of A356 2 the cast wheel hub made of alloy material is lighter, but due to the limitations of the process, the light truck forged aluminum wheel cost is much greater than the cast aluminum wheel hub.


For products with the same appearance and shape, the machining amount of forged wheel hub and window frame is much larger than that of casting. Even if roll forging is added during forging, the basic modeling of window and spoke can be completed, but the process time is still two to three times that of casting. In order to meet the processing capacity of each process of the whole forging production line, multiple NC machining centers need to be configured, so that it will not become a bottleneck when encountering the wheel shape with complex window shape. However, when producing the products with small processing volume of spoke window, the processing capacity of the equipment will be idle. These problems will be reflected in thelight truck forged aluminum wheel cost. The large machining volume of the wheel hub means that a large number of metal chips will be generated in the production process of the forged aluminum wheel hub production line, Even if the aluminum chips can be recycled by themselves, it will cause a loss of 2 ~ 3%. The lower the metal recovery rate, the less the recycling of damaged aluminum chips.


Forged wheel hub is superior to casting in performance and quality, which is significant for the improvement of vehicle performance, but the price is more expensive than casting, so it should be selected according to individual needs. It should be noted that when selecting the light truck forged aluminum wheel, we must pay attention to the wheel hub brand, and the safety problem cannot be taken lightly.

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