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Precautions for painting high strength truck aluminum alloy wheel
2021-08-29 14:57:02

Wheel hub is also called rim. According to the characteristics and requirements of different models, the surface treatment process of wheel hub will also be different. Now many car owners will want to refit the truck after buying it, but the cost of changing a wheel hub is more expensive, so many people will choose to paint the high strength truck aluminum alloy wheel. In order to ensure the beauty and use state, the following points should be paid attention to when painting the wheel hub.


When painting the wheel hub, we need to clean the painted parts in advance so that the paint film attached to the wheel hub can be durable. The valve of the truck needs to be tightly wrapped with tape to avoid paint, which will affect the normal air pumping and appearance. The spraying of wheel hub shall be carried out indoors to avoid the interference of wind and dust and ensure the spraying effect. It is also necessary to build a "newspaper house" on the outer edge of the high strength truck aluminum alloy wheel, so that the spraying effect is more saturated and comprehensive, and avoid the interference of paint mist on the tire. The wheel hub shall be painted at least 3 times to show good saturation effect. Before each spraying, it is necessary to ensure that the previous wheel hub paint has been dried thoroughly, otherwise it will affect the saturation of the paint surface. After painting the wheel hub, it is forbidden to wash the car within 72 hours to avoid damage to the paint surface of the wheel hub by the high-pressure water gun.


Here are the precautions for wheel hub painting. High strength truck aluminum alloy wheel is an important part of truck parts. With the growth of China's auto parts industry, the wheel hub industry has gradually developed and expanded.

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