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Precautions for installing finishing light truck wheels rims
2021-07-22 16:10:51

 The safety of rim is directly related to driving safety. Worn or damaged rims will cause inappropriate failure of the vehicle on the road and harm the safety of the owner. In this case, a new finishing light truck wheels rims needs to be replaced. The rim should be installed by professionals. The following matters should be paid attention to during installation.


Pay attention to the PCD value, which refers to the distance from the circle diameter of the wheel rim joint and represents the distance from the center of the connecting circle of each hole center to the edge. Usually written as 4a100 or 5x114 3, etc., the diameter of the circle connected by the nut hole is 100mm or 114.3mm, and there are four or five nuts on it. When installing wide finishing light truck wheels rims, be careful not to interfere with the inner village of the wheel and the suspension. The shape of the rim shall leave enough space for the brake to accommodate larger brake discs and brake calipers. After the rim is installed, it can only be used after careful inspection. It is necessary to check whether the wheel frame will grind the components of the brake wheel cylinder, damping or suspension system. The tire rim matched with the rim shall not protrude from the front fender, so as to avoid dangerous accidents such as friction between the tire and the fender, damage to the tire and even tire burst during driving or steering. After driving for a period of time, the owner needs to regularly check whether the balance lead block and nut are loose or fall off.


After we install the rim, we have to maintain it in order to prolong its service life. At present, most users still focus on the appearance of rims and ignore the quality requirements. Although the appearance is important in our actual use, compared with the use safety, the appearance can not become an inevitable reason to buy. Driving safety is about life. Please be sure to buy genuine finishing light truck wheels rims.

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