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Surface treatment process of high strength truck aluminum alloy wheel
2021-06-28 15:20:42

 With the development of society, the demand for trucks is increasing, which drives the increase of the number of wheels. High strength truck aluminum alloy wheel is an important component of the truck, and its performance is related to the performance of the whole truck. However, in the prior art, the surface of the hub is not smooth enough, the corrosion resistance is poor, and the service life is short. Let's learn about the surface treatment process of the wheel hub.


Spraying wheel hub can improve its external beauty. The traditional paint coating technology and electroplating technology are gradually reduced, and replaced by water-based and powder coating technology. After polishing and spraying transparent powder, the wheel hub is not only changeable in color, but also environmentally friendly and exquisite. Electroplating can be divided into silver plating, water plating and pure plating. Although the color of silver plating and water plating wheels is bright, the maintenance time is short, so the price is relatively cheap. The color of pure plating wheels is maintained for a long time and the price is relatively expensive. High strength truck aluminum alloy wheelwire drawing refers to a surface treatment method that forms lines on the workpiece surface by grinding products, so as to achieve decorative effect. Because it looks as if there are two colors, and the surface has a shiny feeling, giving people a color beating and full of motion, which is also one of the important factors for car owners to choose wheel hub wire drawing.


According to the understanding of Shandong magnesium card wheel Co., Ltd. on the wheel hub, its surface treatment can improve the corrosion resistance and impact resistance of the wheel hub, prolong its service life and better meet the needs of users. If you are still hesitant about what kind of hub product to use, you might as well try the high strength truck aluminum alloy wheel.

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