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Tips for maintaining light truck forged aluminum wheel
2021-05-25 14:57:43

Hub is an important part of truck. It plays the role of carrying body and fixing tire. If the light truck forged aluminum wheel is deformed or damaged, it will not only affect the overall image of the truck, but also cause driving hazards. Therefore, daily maintenance of the wheel hub is essential.


When maintaining the wheel hub, we need to choose appropriate cleaners. Household cleaners and general detergent on the market will be alkaline or acidic and have strong corrosion on the wheel hub surface. We can choose some neutral soapy water to clean the wheel to avoid the wheel from contacting the intensifier. When there are stains on the wheel hub surface that are difficult to remove, professional cleaning agent shall be selected to gently and effectively remove the stains and reduce the damage to the aluminum alloy surface. If the truck has been used for a period of time and a hard dark brown coking is formed on the light truck forged aluminum wheel, a stronger hub cleaner should be used. During daily driving, the owner shall pay attention to the low obstacles on the road, and avoid being too close to the subgrade when parking. Being too close to the subgrade is easy to cut the wheel hub, which may affect the beauty at first, or scratch the antirust coating, affect the waterproof and anti-corrosion performance of the truck, deform the wheel hub and affect the driving.


Truck hub is an important part of supporting automobile tires, and tires are elements that directly contact the ground. Therefore, when daily maintaining the truck, car owners should not forget to maintain the hub. The truck they drive should clean the hub at least once a week. If there are scars caused by hard objects during driving, they need to go to a professional repair shop to repair the light truck forged aluminum wheel, Ensure your travel.

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