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Identification method of High Quality Heavy Truck Alloy Wheel Rim
2021-03-05 15:12:56

 Rim is one of the important parts of truck, including steel rim and aluminum rim. It bears the pressure of truck and load mass. Therefore, high quality heavy truck alloy wheel rim quality has a great impact on trucks.The imitation rim is not only unreliable in the manufacturing process, but also the rim strength is far from enough, which will bring great hidden dangers to the daily driving guarantee.


When we buy rims, we need to look at the workmanship. Generally, the workmanship of high imitation and fake rims is very rough. Because the mold accuracy of fake rims is not high, there will be pricking burrs at the edges and corners of the rims. It is easy to distinguish between the original rims and forged rims in terms of appearance and workmanship. You can also see the font in the high quality heavy truck alloy wheel rim. Whether it is an original rim or a fake rim, there are brand, origin and other data on its back, but the font of these data in the original rim can not be imitated by the fake rim. Therefore, when purchasing the rim, the owner can remove the rim from his car and compare it with the rim to be purchased, If the fonts in the two rims are different, the owner is advised to think twice. Due to different costs and processes, the weight of forged rims is also very different from that of the original rims. Therefore, when purchasing rims, the owner can compare the weight of the two products. If the weight is different, it is recommended not to buy them.


High quality heavy truck alloy wheel rim carries a large part of the safety responsibility of the truck, so owners must carefully check when selecting rims to avoid buying fake rims, which will bring potential safety hazards to future driving.

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