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Production technology of Light Truck Forged Aluminum Wheel
2021-12-03 10:30:12

Aluminum wheels stand out in the automotive industry because of their light weight, fast heat dissipation and good shock absorption performance. More and more cars are generally equipped with aluminum wheels with novel patterns and simple spokes. Aluminum wheel hub can be manufactured by casting and forging. Different manufacturing methods have different production processes. What are the production processes light truck forged aluminum wheel?


The light truck forged aluminum wheel with simple structure can be produced by solid forging process. For more and more exquisite products, it is difficult to produce a single solid forging. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt "casting before forging", first use traditional processes such as low-pressure casting, gravity casting, metal mold casting to produce blanks of basic shape, and then change to forging machine tools for precision forging. Most aluminum wheels with complex structure and exquisite appearance can be produced by this process.


The "continuous casting and continuous forging" process can produce light truck forged aluminum wheel with more complex structure and more exquisite pattern than "casting before forging". The comprehensive mechanical performance is better than that of cast aluminum hub, and its spokes will be more concise, fine and aesthetic.

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