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What Are The Advantages Of The Forging Of Truck Wheels
2019-09-27 13:46:48


1.Lighter. The weight of the forging aluminum wheel is equal to 1/2 weight of the steel wheel. For example, the forging aluminum wheel is 24 kg, and the steel wheel is at least 48 kilograms.

2.Save fuel. After installation of forged aluminum wheels, because the weight of the vehicle is reduced, reducing the rotational inertia of the wheel, the vehicle acceleration performance is improved, and the corresponding reduction of braking energy demand, thereby reducing fuel consumption, coupled with the forged aluminum wheel special air flow and rolling resistance, so the test rate was 100 km per hundred kilometers at least save save 2 liters of oil (after the replacement of forged aluminum wheels and the use of air conditioning fuel consumption per hundred kilometers compared with forged aluminum wheels and not for air conditioning on the fuel consumption of the former than the latter low fuel consumption of 2.5 liters).

3.The wear of tires was reduced by 26%. Because of the characteristics of forged aluminum wheels, its equilibrium value is 0, not easy to deformation, fast bulk temperature (normal driving temperature 20-30 degrees lower than iron) protection of the suspension system is better, so the wear of the tire is greatly reduced, so that each run more than 5-8 kilometers million tires.

4.The cost of the maintenance of the brake is reduced. Because the characteristics of forging aluminum wheels are fast and normal running temperature is low, the brake system has excellent protection effect on materials and fittings which are not resistant to high temperature, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the brake system.

5.High bearing capacity, bearing energy forged aluminum wheel is 5 times the average of. The forging wheels deform 5 centimeters after 71200 kilograms. "Only under 13600 kg after deformation of 5 cm, in other words, forging aluminum ring is 5 times stronger than steel wheel.


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