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Truck Wheel Manufacturers Explain Wheel Manufacturing Process
2019-09-27 13:44:02


Safewheel  production process produced by forging wheel spinning technology of the most advanced international, after cutting, forging, strong cold spinning, strengthening T6 heat treatment, precision machining, surface treatment process, development and extensive application of CAD/CAM/CAE simulation, simulation tool design, so as to obtain design parameters more accurate and fast; quality control instruments and equipment online and offline used in production, make the wheel quality real-time control; the success of a product through the German TUV, American DOT, European ECE certification and IATF 16949:2016 quality management system certification, the Smith laboratory, reliable product quality assurance.

     The most strict material selection, cutting material, forging and pressing, strong cold spinning, strengthening T6 heat treatment, precision NC finishing, surface treatment and cleaning packaging.1. the most stringent raw material screening

From the British spectroscopic analyzer, Germany crystal microscope and tensile testing machine, the chemical composition, metallographic structure and mechanical properties of each raw material were detected for 360 times. Then the ultrasonic flaw detector was used for the full inspection of defects, so as to ensure zero defect of raw materials.

2. cutting process

In the cutting process, we ensure that each aluminum bar must be tested by ultrasonic flaw detector 100%, to ensure that there are no defects such as cracks, impurities, blowholes, corrosion spots and so on. After passing the test, using the German machine that automatic cutting automatic cutting of aluminum rod sawing machine, high precision, can make the weight of each product in strict control of + 0.1kg. After cutting, each product should be measured by weight unit weight, and all the unqualified products are detected.

3. heating process

Aluminum rods are based on the technology of Japan's three construction company and the east large sensor reheating furnace to obtain the best forging temperature. Compared with the advantages: the furnace temperature is constant and the range of temperature control range is small.

4. forging process

Subsequently, three high tonnage hydraulic presses completed initial forging, forming forging, expanding and other processes. Under the pressure of up to 10000 tons, the product obtained a more compact structure and had complete density accuracy guarantee ability for the forged products produced.

5. strong cold spinning

The world's first brand of German leifeld spinning machine. The rotary pressure of the three wheels is as high as 25T, which makes the inner structure more dense, and increases the strength and deformation capacity of the wheels. The H wheel type can spin up and down at the same time, ensuring the concentricity of the wheels.

6. enhanced T6 heat treatment

The three Japanese construction company design and manufacture of enhanced T6 heat treatment furnace of continuous high temperature solution spinning roughcast, quenching and low temperature aging, integral heat treatment, the Aluminum Alloy system inside the product more stability, greatly enhance the mechanical strength and hardness of the wheels.

7. machine processing line

The special CNC lathe and five axis machining center of the new hub of Taiwan far east can realize the full scale one-off appearance processing of the product, remove the traditional knife type processing, ensure the dynamic balance of the product 100% and reduce the repeatable location, resulting in the increase of product error. Automatic logistics design, in the product processing efficiency, size precision control, all stand on the top of the industry.

8. surface treatment

At present, the surface treatment can be divided into two categories, one is CNC lathe finishing, fine polishing is two. The automatic polishing system from Spain Haupt company automatic fine polishing, make the products safer, more stable, more environmentally friendly.



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