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Truck Wheel Maintenance, Economical And Practical Tips
2019-09-27 13:42:20


 If you are a truck driver, are your truck wheels up and running? How long is it done? What are the maintenance work done?Today we have to talk about truck and heavy truck wheel maintenance issues.

   In general, the new car every three months to maintain once, after three times according to the situation every 5,000-10000 km maintenance time.The truck wheelplays a very important role in the use of the car, and if it does not work properly, it can lead to uncontrollable directions, such as vehicle rollover. Therefore, how to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the wheel, to enhance the reliability of various parts and life, reduce the cost of maintenance and vehicle outage costs, is the wheel supplier to provide solutions for the most important.


1.Check whether the fasteners of the wheel nut, hub end cover or axle are loose, damaged or lost. If the wheel bolts appear rust or oil marks, may lead to bolt tightening torque are not allowed.

2.In the hub of the end cover, axle flange and oil hole plugs and other places whether there is oil leakage phenomenon.

3.Lubricants look white or black, indicating that there is water entering or there is large metal chips present, which is also a signal that may be contaminated with lubricants, or a component is damaged and must be replaced. Lubricants are contaminated, and may also be due to oil seal failure, must replace the oil seal.

4.Check the axle axle at the axle, the hub perimeter, the brake system, the inside of the wheel and the tire at any traces of oil spills.

Meikasafewheel provides the wheels used in trucks are not easy to rust, long life and can effectively reduce the overall weight, durable.If you are interested in our truck wheel and want to view more about the information ,we'd glad to see you go to our network.


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