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Analysis On Production Technology Of Aluminum Wheel
2019-09-27 13:36:10


Alloy wheels with a lighter weight, and the inertia resistance is small, the production of high precision, high-speed rotation in the small deformation,that is conducive to improving the car's straight line performance, reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Alloy material thermal conductivity is about three times the steel, good heat dissipation, for the vehicle's braking system, tire and braking system thermal decay can play a role.



Conventional forging

Forging is one of the earlier aluminum wheel forming applications. Forged aluminum wheels with high strength, good corrosion resistance, size, precision, small processing, etc., the general situation of its weight is only equivalent to the same size of the steel wheel 1/2 or lower. The grain flow of the forged aluminum wheels is consistent with the direction of the force, and its strength, toughness and fatigue strength are significantly better than those of cast aluminum wheels. At the same time, the performance has a good reproducibility, almost every wheel has the same mechanical properties. Forged aluminum wheels have a typical elongation of 12% to 17%, which can well absorb the vibration and stress of the road. Usually casting wheels have a strong ability to withstand compressive forces, but the ability to withstand shock, shear and tensile load is far less than forged aluminum wheels. Forged wheels have a higher strength to weight ratio. In addition, forged aluminum wheel surface without pores, which has a good surface treatment capacity, not only to ensure uniform coating, combined with solid, and the color is also good. Forged aluminum wheels, the biggest drawback is the production process, the production cost is much higher than the casting.

Casting forging method

It is the casting as a forging process of the use of blank, the plastic processing method. As the forging as part of the final forming process, it can eliminate the casting defects, improve the product structure, so that the mechanical properties of products than casting greatly improved, while giving full play to the casting process in the complex parts of the advantages of complex shape of the products forging process to reduce the material utilization greatly improved production costs.

With the casting forging technology to produce aluminum wheels, its performance can achieve the mechanical properties of forgings, but the cost of production can be reduced by 30% compared with ordinary forging parts. At present, the process since September 1996 successfully applied to mass production, that has been adopted by many Japanese companies,and the economic effect is good.


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