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Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheels And Rolling Bearing Lubrication Effect, Do You Know ?
2019-09-27 13:33:54


Production and processing in different ways, so the use of the characteristics are completely different. Casting wheels are molten aluminum water cast in the sand mold, to be cooled after molding and then through the mechanical processing (to the edge, finishing appearance, polishing) made of it.


And forging is the use of steel mold, the heating softened aluminum block placed in it, with the stamping method to shape, to be cooled and then made by mechanical processing. Casting is easy to mass production, and forging because the process is more complex, and thus manufacturing costs are more expensive, but forged wheels in the production process due to continuous punching aluminum, so after molding, the molecular structure will become very tight, so you can withstand more High pressure, and therefore the same size in the same strength, forging wheels than the casting wheel lighter quality.

Further, because the forged wheel hub is compact and can withstand high stresses, it is possible to design some relatively lively fins in design, and the design freedom is also higher (relative), the price of forged wheels More than casting a lot of wheels, which are basically used in the attention of high-end car. And those high-performance ultra-running, are no exception, the use of forged wheels.

The purpose of rolling bearing lubrication is to reduce the internal friction and wear bearing to prevent burning stick. Its lubrication effect is as follows.

1, to reduce friction and wear

In contact with the ferrule, rolling body and the holding part of the bearing, to prevent metal contact, reduce friction, wear.

2, to extend the fatigue life

The rolling fatigue life of the bearing, in the rotation, the rolling contact surface lubrication is good, then extended; the contrary, the oil viscosity is low, the lubricating oil film thickness is not good, then shortened.

3, the discharge of friction heat, cooling

Circulation to oil and so on can be carried out by oil from the heat generated by the friction, or by the external heat, cooling. To prevent the bearing overheating, to prevent the aging of lubricating oil itself.

4, other

There are also to prevent foreign body intrusion into the bearing, or to prevent rust, corrosion effect.

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