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Process Design Of Aluminum Wheel Coating Line
2019-08-28 19:22:08


Aluminum alloy material is not only small in density, with excellent mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, molding performance and good surface treatment performance and other characteristics, and has a unique regeneration, the car to achieve weight loss, energy saving, environmental protection And safe preferred material. With the automotive industry into the environmental protection, energy saving and lightweight stage, aluminum and aluminum alloy parts have been widely used in the car, aluminum alloy wheels which the most widely used. In this aluminum wheel coating process design to explore, to promote the domestic aluminum wheel coating technology continues to improve. In the case of

1 process design analysis

1.1 coating process mode

The car is now a lot of use of aluminum alloy wheels, according to the different requirements of the product, using different methods. Global aluminum wheel is the main trend of coating for the coating of wheels, bright wheels, polishing wheels, electroplating wheels and so on. The main coating mode is as follows:

1) low-end products

Pre-treatment → metal paint coating → varnish paint

2) mid-range products

Pre-treatment → at the end of powder coating → metal paint coating → varnish paint

3) high-end products

Pre-treatment → at the end of powder coating → metal paint coating → gloss paint coating → bright powder coating

1.2 mechanized delivery method

International popular aluminum wheel conveyor, generally used two, namely: ordinary type hanging conveyor and ordinary ring ground conveyor. The middle need to reprint the bulk of the use of manipulator, small batch using artificial. In the case of

1) Ordinary type suspension conveyor

Applicable to painting or dusting, the use of automatic spraying can guarantee the quality of product spraying. The process is flexible and convenient. Drying can be used in multi-stroke drying room, or the wheels are running parallel to the drying room. In the case of

2) ordinary ring ground conveyor

Applicable to pre-treatment cleaning process, according to the different output can be linked to 2-3 parts, cleaning effect is good. The spreader is simple and suitable. In the case of

1.3 process layout characteristics

With the body coating line, aluminum wheel coating line also uses regional way to ensure that the coating workshop area required for different cleanliness. General spray booth, dusting room should be arranged in the same area, the drying room arranged in the same area, and the drying room with multi-stroke drying method. This arrangement of the aluminum wheel coating workshop is conducive to the production organization, management, line and line between the transfer.


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