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How To Properly Maintain The Aluminum Wheel Bearings
2019-08-28 19:19:10


The first step: with a special tool to remove the Aluminum Wheel of the decorative cover, dust cover;

Step 2: Remove the tire nuts and tires, be careful not to bump the threads of the tire bolts. If it is a disc brakes, remove the brakes and remove the locking or locking pins.

Step 3: Scrape the bearing, journal and the old grease in the Aluminum Wheel cavity, clean the hub bearing and journal with a cleaning agent and wipe it with a cloth, then wipe the hub cavity with a cloth.

The fourth step: check the Aluminum Wheel bearing and bearing seat, found crack, fatigue peeling and loose roller bearings and other phenomena, should replace the bearing. If you find the bearing seat on the pitting, should also replace the bearing.

The fifth step: check the bearing diameter and the journal with the situation, with the gap should not be greater than 0.1Omm measuring the journal, the vertical ground should be two parts of the upper and lower parts (where the largest wear parts) measurement. If the clearance exceeds the specified limits, the bearings should be replaced to return to the normal clearance. Do not allow burrs on the journal to poke the gap.

Step 6: After all parts meet the requirements, the internal bearing smear grease and then put into the Aluminum Wheel.

Step 7: When applying grease to the bearing cavity, care should be taken to squeeze the grease into the bearing until the grease comes from the other side of the bearing. In the Aluminum Wheel cavity and the shaft head cover a thin layer of grease, so that play the role of rust. Note that the grease inside the hub cavity should not be smeared too much, otherwise it will affect the heat and braking.

Step 8: the Aluminum Wheel and the outer bearing back to the journal, the hand shaft adjustment nut screw on, and then use the shaft wrench according to the provisions of the torque to tighten the adjustment nut. Tighten the nut, should turn around the hub a few laps to see the bearing installation; the other hand, by rotating the bearing and the seat with the correct. At this time the bearing tightness appropriate, the Aluminum Wheel free to turn and feel no axial clearance.

Step 9: Install the lock pieces, fixed nuts, tires, dust cover and decorative cover.

Step 10: After adjusting the Aluminum Wheel, travel for a period of time (1Okm or so), stop the inspection, used to swipe the Aluminum Wheel of the temperature, if the heat, the bearing adjustment is too tight, should be re-adjusted, appropriate to relax the bearing tightness.


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