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Will The Steel Wheels Be Worse Than The Aluminum Wheel?
2019-08-28 18:45:36


Aluminum wheel is good, but the reference price, it's the point that really can not afford the price, you say? If your car original steel wheel, may wish to spend some time, do not have to worry about replacement.

Main models on the market are divided into a variety of high and low, as the old Loulan as barely one of the allocation of a high price, of course, few people interested. This configuration is a high and low price naturally a lot of access, and sometimes in order to map a cheap, poor tolerance can also tolerate the configuration, but for many people, steel wheels can not bear, and more dig points to buy a beggar to strengthen the version , Another aluminum wheel is always more comfortable heart.

Xiao Bian of course not dare to take the world of non-condemnation of steel wheels better than aluminum wheel, unconventional that is not Xiaobian I do things. But must be said that the aluminum wheel will be fully superior to the iron wheel hub, Xiao Bian had to say said. Sometimes for those who do not have the advantage to replace the disadvantage is not obvious steel wheels, to be honest, some wayward. At the end of the thick body does not matter, at the end of a little thin really do not guilty.


Aluminum alloy wheels light, fuel-efficient

In theory, due to the large density, the same volume of aluminum alloy wheels only one-third of the quality of steel wheels. The reality is the same car original aluminum alloy wheels and steel wheels on the weight of only two kilograms or less, said the aluminum wheel light fuel-efficient, significant psychological effect is greater than the actual role of the general weight of more than 1200KG vehicles, these kilograms really can not do anything Children, driving 10,000 km may be able to save you 1L oil it? If you buy a bike, in order to several kilograms of heavy children that is called professional, the car also for a few kilograms of weight, not worth it.

Aluminum alloy wheel road feel good, high hardness, steel wheel easily deformed?

High hardness is true! Vibration transmission and, of course, more direct feedback to the steering wheel is really good way to travel a little bit, but if you do not tell the wheel, it is estimated that Schumacher can not distinguish between the advantages of point road. High hardness of the shortcomings are generally defined as relatively brittle, which is also based, heard of the aluminum tube off, but never heard of the steel tube off. Steel wheels on the contrary, the hardness of less than toughness, Xiao Bian also heard that the steel wheel met the big pit rounded, it is estimated that there is something, the material is not sincere sincerity steel wheel occurred, small flying also occurred. But most of the models, went to scrapped also open not bad four iron wheels, aluminum wheel Well, it is estimated that the fight, however.

Aluminum wheel look good, iron wheel ugly?

First Xiaobian very sure that the aluminum wheel is indeed changing shape, in line with the current trend, which is the future of the steel wheel will be the main factor and not the other. Whether it is the original car aluminum or modified aluminum hub, the car, said it played a refreshing role is not an exaggeration, if the visual impact must be replaced, this has nothing to say. But do not ignore is that the aluminum hub and then want to change the shape may be difficult, nothing more than a spray paint for the color or the entire cottage imitation carbon fiber stickers Han. Steel wheels can be different, the wheel cover Ma Yun home is more, shape optional, cold style, wash scissors style can be met, the value of the surface seems not bad. We are used to be more expensive objects are often cautious, inevitably more trouble, sometimes rough things have been used to do not feel bad, naturally save a lot. Steel wheels no matter what side, although a complete defeat, but wins in the worry. Aluminum wheel once injured, even if it does not affect the use, but the appearance of the injury is difficult to make up, do not say anything else, make up a tire you will understand, the street master rough hands, a little scratched is inevitable, distressed There is no way. If the steel hub, it is estimated that you are too lazy to look at a glance.

For the four ordinary aluminum hub to dig out a thousand children hundred and eight hundred, and this cost, enough for you to wash N3 times car, playing N times wax, the equivalent of a good tire, three bottles of synthetic oil, four five small maintenance ... ... originally beggars are estimated to have some stretched, in order to change the hub of the real value of it? Even if you look good, run up, not a kind of like?

Aluminum wheel is good, but the reference price, it's the point that really can not afford the price, you say? If your car original steel wheel, may wish to spend some time, do not have to worry about replacement.


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