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Aluminum Wheel In The Future Direction Of Development
2019-08-28 18:30:15


Aluminum alloy wheel products from the casting of Aluminum Wheel gradually to the forged Aluminum Wheel change.

Forged magnesium alloy wheels for the application of magnesium materials and processing technology of the particularity, it will take time.

1. Cast Aluminum Wheel:

1.1 Cast Aluminum Wheel of the material

Cast Aluminum Wheel using A356 casting aluminum alloy grades, the smelting casting, the solid aluminum ingots into liquid aluminum water, the pouring into the mold cavity, access to aluminum alloy wheel shape, and then by the solution of quenching artificial aging heat treatment, Making the manufacture of aluminum alloy wheel material mechanical strength can meet the general passenger car on the wheel product requirements. Casting aluminum alloy wheel material mechanical requirements are:

Tensile strength of 260mpa, yield strength 180mpa, elongation of 7%

However, due to casting molding reasons, the casting has different cooling, will produce different parts of the mechanical properties vary greatly. The general elongation of the spokes is only 4% or less, and the elongation of the rim is about 10%. So the casting process of Aluminum Wheel can only be used in passenger cars.

Casting Process of Casting Aluminum Alloy Wheel

Casting aluminum alloy casting process is usually divided into two categories, namely, low-pressure casting and gravity casting.

The low-pressure casting relies on the equipment to pressurize the aluminum water in the holding furnace, and after the equipment is pressurized and pressurized, it is filled with the mold through the riser and is kept pressurized when the aluminum water is solidified to obtain the slab of the aluminum alloy wheel.

Gravity casting is to rely on artificial or manipulator will ladle ladle scoop into aluminum water, water into the mold, aluminum water to rely on its own weight filled with mold cavity, so as to obtain aluminum alloy hub blank. Due to the gravitational casting process conditions, gravity casting Aluminum Wheel of the rim in the course of the use of prone to the edge of the "ear", or even half the rim of the fault.

Low-pressure casting because it relies on low-pressure machine equipment, can achieve automation to protect the product quality level is a relatively stable level. Now the car factory requires matching process.

Gravity casting due to manual operation, not easy to achieve production automation, while product quality fluctuations are relatively large. Gravity cast wheels for the aftermarket.

1.3 Casting Aluminum Wheel to enhance the process

Due to the development of the vehicle, the vehicle on the tire flattening requirements are getting smaller and smaller, that is, the wider the tire flat. After the tire is flattened, the impact of the pavement has a higher demand for the strength of the rim.

In order to meet the tire flattening strength requirements of the rim, there is now a casting process. First, through the casting process to obtain the spoke and half of the rim, and then by spinning the other half of the rim spinning. So away from the other half of the rim of the rim, after spinning, the mechanical properties of the material will be a substantial increase in strength. Meet the requirements of tire flattening.


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