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Aluminum Wheel In The End Can Repair It?
2019-08-28 18:07:54


Under normal circumstances, if your Aluminum Wheel deformed or broken, it must be due to driving inadvertently caused by a strong external impact caused by the hub.

We often on the network or roadside advertising to see the aluminum alloy wheel repair articles and advertisements, and some ads even claim to be able to repair deformed, broken Aluminum Wheel.

Then the Aluminum Wheel in the end can not repair it? We can tell you here responsibly, do not try to repair the already deformed and broken wheels, continue to use such a repair wheel will be very dangerous!

According to the roadside shop advertising argument, the Aluminum Wheel of the fracture or cracks can be repaired by welding, but from a scientific point of view, after welding the metal structure at the weld and the normal metal structure of the hub has been completely different , The normal hub of the metal is in the molten state, in a certain pressure by successive cooling crystallization, and then through the solidification and practical treatment for quenching and tempering. And welding is only a local melting and re-solidification process, after welding the hub, there must be weld in the weld stress, then after a period of time after the load operation, most likely in the hub of the high stress area fatigue crack caused by fracture, If not found in time, it may cause serious consequences.

Similarly, if your Aluminum Wheel are deformed by external shocks, they are forced to restitution by repairing them by external forces. Even if your wheels are in these two plastic deformations, they have not produced tiny cracks that can not be found by the naked eye. The hub of the overall stress distribution, has also been a major change with the original design, followed by unpredictable parts of the fatigue crack produced, and then is broken.

As for the scratches on the surface of the hub, we suggest that small scratches do not have to be dealt with because the scratches are mainly in the front wheels and the right front wheels are numerous, and for the sake of beauty, the wheel can be chosen as a spare tire The Aluminum This metal has a characteristic that it is exposed to a corrosive environment for a long period of time and that its surface forms a dense oxide protective film to prevent further oxidation of the body, so there is no need to worry that it will be corroded. If the scratches are large, it is recommended to replace the wheels.


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