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  • Tread pattern

    Tread pattern

    Date: 27/Sep2019
    In short, the main role is to increase the tire tread surface and road surface friction to prevent wheel spin, this exactly the same role with the sole pattern I
  • Production process

    Production process

    Date: 27/Sep2019
    Process: mixing processesMixing process is the natural/carbon black, synthetic rubber, raw materials such as oil, additives and enhancers mix together in the m I
  • Composition


    Date: 27/Sep2019
    Tires are usually a tire, inner tube, padded with 3-part. Also does not require inner tubes, tires good air tightness in the body of the rubber layer, and need I
  • Load and pressure

    Load and pressure

    Date: 27/Sep2019
    Load and pressure: the marked maximum load and the corresponding air pressure load to "kg" as a unit, pneumatic tyre pressure in units of "kPa".Rim specificati I
  • Mark


    Date: 27/Sep2019
    Tires are important parts of the car, tire marks on more than 10 species to properly identify these markings on tire selection, use, maintenance is very import I
  • In the structural design

    In the structural design

    Date: 27/Sep2019
    Divide into oblique line tire, radial tire. Meridian tire and diagonal line the fundamental difference is that the carcass of the tire. Skew lines cross ply ti I
  • Classified by tire

    Classified by tire

    Date: 27/Sep2019
    Passenger car tyres – is mounted on the car's tires, it is mainly used in high-speed exercise on good pavement, top speed up to 200-kilometer/h, demandi I
  • Tyre classification

    Tyre classification

    Date: 27/Sep2019
    Car tyres in a matrix structure can be divided into different pneumatic tire and tire. Most modern cars use pneumatic tires. High and low air pressure in the t I

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