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Explanation and Comparison of Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheel Ring and Common Truck Iron Ring
2019-09-27 15:05:32


The cost of forging aluminium wheel ring is high. The comparison between forging aluminium wheel ring and common truck iron ring is made.

1. The forged aluminium alloy wheel ring is light in itself. The weight of forged aluminium rings is only half that of iron rings, taking 22.5X8.5 as an example; the weight of forged aluminium rings is 25 kilograms, and the weight of iron rings is at least 45 kilograms.

2. The use of forged aluminium alloy wheels can throttle fuel. In the future, the installation of forged aluminium ring will reduce the weight of the whole vehicle, reduce the dynamic inertia of the wheels, improve the vehicle's speed-up function, and respond to the demand of reducing braking energy, thus reducing fuel consumption. In addition to the unique air flow and rolling resistance of forged aluminium ring, the test throttling rate of 100 kilometers is at least 2 litres of oil per 100 kilometers (replacing forged aluminium ring and using air conditioning today). The fuel consumption of the latter 100 kilometers is 2.5 liters lower than that of the former, which is not tested by air conditioning.

3. The use of forged aluminium alloy wheel ring can reduce tire wear by 26%. Because of the characteristics of the forging ring, its equilibrium value is 0, it is not easy to deform, and its dissipation temperature is fast (the normal driving temperature is 20-30 degrees lower than that of the iron ring) which provides better shelter for the suspension system. Therefore, the wear of the tires is greatly reduced, making each tire run 50-80,000 kilometers more.

4. The maintenance cost of brake is reduced. Because the forged aluminium ring has the characteristics of fast temperature dissipation and low normal driving temperature, it has an excellent shelter result for materials and accessories that are not heat-resistant to the brake system, thus greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the brake system.

5. The bearing capacity of forging ring is 5 times higher than that of common iron ring. Forged wheels deform 5 centimeters after they bear 71200 kilograms. The ring has been deformed by 5 centimeters after bearing only 13600 kilograms. In other words, the strength of the forged ring is five times greater than that of the steel ring.

6. Improve driving comfort. Because of the characteristics of forged wheels, the driving experience after installation is lighter, and the high-speed driving is more stable, which improves the driving pleasure.

7. Good safety. For high-speed vehicles, it is not surprising that high temperature tire burst and braking efficiency decrease due to tire landing friction and braking. The heat conductivity of aluminium alloy is three times that of steel and iron, and because of the layout characteristics of aluminium alloy wheels, the heat generated by tires and chassis can easily be discharged into the air. Even in the environment of long-distance high-speed driving or continuous braking on downhill roads, the car can be connected to the right temperature. Not only can the tire and brake drum not easily aging due to frequent high temperature, but also can reduce the rate of tire burst.

8. Impact test. JWL tests in Japan simulated a truck crashing into a kerb over 50 kilometers in time, equivalent to 910 kilograms of weight falling from a height and crashing into tires and wheels. According to the results of Japanese scale tests carried out in magnesium-aluminium forging process, forged wheels are only slightly damaged, while the damage level of iron rings is very serious. Forged aluminium alloy wheels break into two parts.

9. Beautiful appearance. Forged aluminium ring has a large degree of freedom in appearance design. It can connect the car type and make the car and wheels perfect.


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