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Meika Forged Aluminum Wheels -How to Install wheel
2019-09-27 15:01:05


The installation of the wheel is a very important process, safe and proper installation of the wheel is a guarantee of safety during the operation of the wheel, but how to install the wheel?


Wheels (wheels and tires) installation items

1) Check all metal surfaces: both sides of the rim, and the area between the two juxtaposed wheels. Must pay attention to whether there is serious corrosion accumulation, the metal surface of the crack, whether there is bending deformation, broken rim; and whether there is loose, lost or damaged nut, whether there is bending, teeth of the bolt; and whether there is not Correctly match the rim parts.

2) The wheel-mounted contact surface must be 360 degrees and fully enclosed; and the appropriate support diameter supports the wheels.

3) Always check and ensure that all rim nuts maintain normal torque. If the rim is loose, the screw hole will be rammed or twisted. If some of the nuts are locked and the others are loose, they may cause cracks in the rims, or damage to the bolts. (See if there is any dirt or rust from the bolt hole). If so, it indicates that the nut is loose or installed (tight). Lock the nut with the specified torque, or replace the nut to remove the rust.

 4) The "bolt extension length" is measured by the axle end in contact with the rim mounting surface, or the distance from the brake hub surface to the last lap of the bolt end.

In general, the "33 mm hex head, 2-piece nut" is used to install the "single wheel" and "double parallel" wheel positioning method.

5) Wheel mounting

Lock all nuts with a torque of 450 to 500 ft-lb (approx. 60 kg-m to 70 kg-m) in a crisscross order. Two-piece flanged nuts are used to install double-ended wheels, and there is no need to use inner cap nuts inside and outside.


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