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Bearing the purpose of disassembly and lubrication
2019-09-27 14:59:09


For the truck, the wheel is an essential part, but the bearing is also very important,what about the purpose of bearing lubrication ?

The removal of the bearing should be carried out as carefully as the installation. Attention does not damage the bearing and the parts, especially the interference with the bearing disassembly, the operation is difficult. Therefore, it is also important to design and disassemble the tool as needed in order to be easy to disassemble in the design stage. In the demolition, according to the drawings to study the demolition method, the order, to investigate the bearing with the conditions to obtain the demolition operations foolproof.


Forged aluminum alloy truck wheels

 1, the outer ring of the demolition and disassembly of the interference with the outer ring, in advance on the circumference of the shell set several outer ring squeeze screw with one screw, while the same side of the screw, remove the side. These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs, tapered roller bearings and other separators, in the case of the shoulder to set a few cuts, the use of pads, with a pressure machine demolition, or gently tapping the demolition.

2, the cylinder hole bearing the demolition of the inner ring of the demolition, you can use the pressure mechanical pull out the latest simple. At this point, we should pay attention to the inner ring to withstand its pull force. Large bearing inner ring with hydraulic method. Through the oil hole provided in the shaft to be oil pressure, so easy to pull. Large bearing is the oil pressure method and pull the card and use, for demolition operations. NU type, NJ cylindrical roller bearing inner ring can be used to remove the induction heating method. In a short time to heat the local, so that the inner ring after the expansion method.

 3, the demolition of the cone and the demolition of the bearing with a smaller sleeve with adapter sleeve, with fastening on the shaft of the block to support the inner ring, the nut back several times, the use of pad with a hammer to knock demolition. Large bearings, the use of hydraulic demolition easier, in the cone hole on the oil hole in the oil pressure, so that the inner ring expansion, removal of the bearing method. Operation, there may be a bearing out of the sudden, it is best to use the nut as a gear as well.

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