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The advantages of domestic market comparing to oversea market
2019-09-27 14:57:49


1.ounty policy support

Loading limit policy introduced to China in 2016, and the vigorously promotion of new energy buses. China New Energy auto industry began in the early 21st century. In 2001, the new energy vehicle research project was included in the national " 15 " During the " 863 five " Major technology issues, and planning by a gasoline car as a starting point, to the hydrogen - powered cars into strategic goals. " Eleven-Five ", our country put forward the " Energy - saving and new energy vehicles " strategy, the Government attaches great importance to the development and industrialization of new energy vehicles


2.Environmental requirements increase

China attaches great importance to environmental issues, forged aluminum wheels are not only long service life and  recyclable, pollution is small. Forged aluminum wheel product will be more broad market prospects In China.


3.Greater market potential

Now in China the market share of forged aluminum wheels is only about 5% , while American’s and Australia's market share has reached 60%. Statistics found during 2016 years of work in early 2017, the number of Vehicles installed in more than 35% and 45% growth with commercial vehicle forged aluminum wheel and car forged aluminum wheel. At the beginning of 2018, statistics will discover during 2017 year work that number of vehicles installed will be 30 per cent and 40 per cent growth on the basis of 2016.


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