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Analysis and Comparison of Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheels and Common Truck Tie
2019-09-27 14:53:20


With the development of social economy and the continuous improvement of science and technology, energy-saving trend is growing high, the use of forged aluminum alloy wheels is the trend of the truck industry.

The same forging technology is more and more mature, energy-saving emission reduction has become the current society and industry of the big demand, but forged aluminum alloy wheels and ordinary truck iron the difference between what? as follows:


NO.1, lightweight

 Forged aluminum ring weight is only equivalent to half the weight of the ring, to 22.5X8.5 for example; forged aluminum ring for 25 kg, iron for at least 48 kg.

NO.2, energy saving

 replacement of forged aluminum ring and the use of air conditioning after 100 km fuel consumption than forged aluminum ring is not open air conditioning fuel consumption test, the former lower than the latter 2.5 liters of fuel consumption. After the installation of forged aluminum ring, due to the reduction of the weight of the vehicle, reducing the rotational inertia of the wheel, the vehicle acceleration performance is improved, and the demand for braking energy is reduced, thereby reducing the fuel consumption, plus the special air forged aluminum ring Flow and rolling resistance, so 100 km test savings rate for every 100 km minimum savings.

NO.3, anti-tire wear

tire wear reduced by 26%. Due to the characteristics of the forging ring, its balance is 0, not easy to deformation, rapid cooling (normal running temperature lower than the ring 20-30 degrees) on the suspension system protection is better, so the tire wear greatly reduced Each tire to run more than 5-8 million km).

NO.4, high carrying capacity

Forging ring bearing capacity is 5 times the ordinary iron ring. Forged wheels in the bear after 71200 kg deformation of 5 cm. Iron ring only to withstand 13600 kg has been deformed 5 cm, in other words, the strength of the forging wheel is more than 5 times the steel ring.

NO.5, good security

For high-speed cars, due to tire landing friction, braking and other high-temperature puncture, brake performance and other phenomena are common. The aluminum alloy heat transfer coefficient is steel, iron, etc., plus aluminum wheels because of its structural characteristics, easy to tire, car chassis generated by the heat scattered in the air. Even in the long-distance high-speed driving or downhill continuous braking in the case, the car can also maintain the appropriate temperature. Not only can make the tire and brake drum is not easy due to frequent high temperature and aging, can reduce the tire rate.


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