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How to choose a safe and secure hub
2019-09-27 14:48:16


All the power of the car to rely on the wheel to pass, the safety of the vehicle is also maintained on the wheels, so how to choose a reliable texture of the hub, how to identify the quality of the hub is particularly important. Next to explain to you, by a pair of "fire eye gold crystal"!


1 brand awareness, so to ensure the quality of the hub

Meika  forged aluminum alloy wheels - Meika by virtue of its own technology and product advantages, product sales have covered Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Jilin, Henan, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Beijing, Tianjin , Shanghai, Chongqing, more than 30 provinces and municipalities, and Qingdao FAW, Jinan heavy truck and other OEMs to establish long-term cooperation, to provide them with supporting production, access to the unanimous approval of customers.

Meika truck wheel in the domestic market at the same time, but also actively explore the international market, sales increased year by year, its foreign leading brand "safewheel" in the international market access to customers praise. The company will be strong technical strength, sophisticated production technology as the basis, adhering to the "artisan spirit" Seiko secret agents to international standards to meet the needs of the market to create the perfect product. The company's existing business in Asia, the Americas, Australia, Europe, Africa, more than 80 countries and regions, we firmly believe that: the future of Meika company's products will be excellent performance of the world forward.

2 product safety and security

Qualification - Shandong Meika Car Wheel Co., Ltd. Products successfully passed the US Smith laboratory SAE certification, the German TUV certification, the United States DOT certification, ISO / TS16949 quality management system certification to ensure product quality and performance stability. And has been awarded the "municipal safety culture construction demonstration enterprises", "serve the community pioneer enterprises", "municipal contract Shou-credit enterprises", "municipal innovation research and development center", "CAW China Aluminum wheel quality associationunit" Honorary title. These honors witnessed the Meika in the continuous improvement of their product quality at the same time, shoulder the weight of the entire Chinese aluminum wheel industry to enhance the quality of the burden.

3 selection of safe raw materials and processing technology

Production process - Meika forging aluminum alloy wheel production process are using the most advanced forging spinning process, and the configuration, including Germany, Japan and other advanced equipment at home and abroad more than 100 Taiwan. It is widely used in CAD / CAM / CAE simulation, simulation and other tools to design, research and develop, so as to obtain more accurate and fast design parameters, such as sawing, forging, strong cold spinning, strengthening T6 heat treatment, precision CNC machining, surface treatment and other processes. ; The use of online and offline quality control equipment and equipment, so that the quality of the wheel to be real-time online control; and Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Materials Science and Engineering precision molding national engineering research center signed a long-term development of strategic cooperation, The effective control of quality is better.

4 equipment advantages to ensure the safety of the hub structure

From the British spectrum analyzer, the German crystal microscope and tensile testing machine, the chemical composition of each raw material, crystal structure, mechanical properties of 360-degree test, followed by ultrasonic flaw detector full inspection, to ensure zero defects in raw materials.

In the cutting process, we ensure that each aluminum rod must be 100% through the ultrasonic flaw detector to ensure that no cracks, impurities, pores, corrosion spots and other defects. After passing the test, the use of Germany Mo Sen that automatic cutting machine for automatic cutting of aluminum rods, sawing precision and efficiency, the weight of each product can be strictly controlled at ± 0.1kg. After cutting each product must be measured by weight unit weight testing, all products are not detected.

Aluminum rods rely on the technology of Japan's three companies and Dongda sensor heating furnace to obtain the best forging temperature.

Followed by three high tonnage hydraulic press to complete the initial forging, forming forging, expansion and other processes, up to 10,000 tons of pressure in the extrusion, the product is more compact organizational structure, thereby enhancing product performance.

The world's first brand Germany LEIFEID spinning machine automatically complete the cold spinning process to ensure that the product size, accuracy, appearance quality is superior to the same industry level.

Through the strengthening and T6 heat treatment furnace designed and manufactured by Japan Sanjian Company, the continuous high temperature solid solution, quenching and low temperature aging of the spinning blank are treated, and the aluminum alloy system inside the product is more stable after the integrated heat treatment system is processed. Of the mechanical strength and hardness.

Taiwan Far East, the latest wheel-specific CNC lathes and five-axis machining center, you can achieve full-size products, one-time shape processing, remove the traditional blade processing to ensure that the product 100% of the dynamic balance and reduce the repeatability of the product error caused by positioning Increase. Fully automated production line design, product processing efficiency, dimensional accuracy control, are standing on the top of the industry.

From the Spanish Opter's automated polishing system to achieve automatic fine polishing, the product more secure, more stable, more environmentally friendly.


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