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What is the production process of aluminum alloy car wheels?
2019-09-27 14:46:20


The manufacturer designs the design of the automobile wheel.

The middle of the common participation, by understanding the public in the use of car wheels encountered problems and failed to meet the needs of the public in the car hub to tap the potential needs of the problem-solving.


Market research.

To examine the competitive situation of the wheels of similar vehicles in the market, to analyze the potential competitive environment according to the market of the target car wheels, but also to understand the current government policies and other environmental factors.


Manage Positioning.

By the management of the car wheel hub of the price, design, style, function, performance, orientation . The indicators are in digital form.


Conceptual design according to product requirements.

The technical quality requirements of the integrated automobile hub are further conceived, and the wheel map of different styles is drawn on the basis of style and design orientation. The design of the wheel diagram is compared, the best design is selected, and then the design draft Optimize the formation of institutional drawings, and then modeling technology modeling, the use of analytical software on the design of the aluminum alloy car hub stress analysis, according to the results of the analysis to improve and modify, and then re-design the model and understand customer needs , Choose the best solution.


Design of automotive wheels for aluminum alloy wheels.

Including the planning of the wheels of the car, to determine the details and size of the wheel making. To create a car wheel of the drawings, the use of software to complete the mold design, disease simulation of the mold to determine the mold design and process program, to produce the hub of the wheel. Sample wheel test qualified to meet the needs of everyone to complete the design of aluminum alloy wheels.


With the continuous development of the world automotive industry, the international automotive market competition is increasing, lightweight, energy-saving has become the inevitable trend of China's auto industry development, the current performance of aluminum wheels is much higher than the performance of steel wheels, aluminum The continuous development of the wheel's technology, China's aluminum alloy wheel production methods have also made great progress. At the same time, to strengthen the production of automotive aluminum wheels, aluminum alloy wheels to study the production process is necessary. Promote the development of China's auto industry at the same time, but also to contribute to social energy conservation and environmental protection


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