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The Advantages of Forged Wheel.                   


Fuel efficiency

Provides fuel efficiency and saving by 7%,

Weight is 40% less than steel wheel and 20% less than cast alloy wheel.

Excellence heat dispersion

Maximizes an average tire life by 17% and longer life of brake.

Excellent in heat conduction and dispersion compared with steel wheel.

High intensity and durability

Forged wheel is 5 times stronger than steel wheel

Excellent resistance against crack propagation

3 years limited warranty regardless of distance covered.

Splendid appearance

Forged wheel is excellent in gloss with natural diamond cutting technology and has no concern of corrosion or discoloration

provide a shiny good look lasting for a long time without paiting


Forged wheel is machined on a lathe which makes it rounder than steel wheel, Reuces vibrations and contributes to more comfortatle driving.

Extra Payload

Forged wheel privides extra payloads with a benefit from lighter weight wheel.

Quality verified

Meika wheel passed advanced international qulity tests, is verified for its quality as it is being sold worldwide.


Forged Grain is 20µm

Casting Grain is 80µm


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